Whether as a single system or a comprehensive control center, hello one offers all functions for comprehensive participant management – even within existing systems (e.g. SAP). Benefit from our many years of experience in the event business...

Manage your

Who is coming, who isn’t? Keep an eye on everything. Create an automatic process and let our software do the rest. Get the latest updates on developments in the office and on the go. Take a closer look at which target groups have already accepted and plan your resources according to the demand. Everything is clearly and dynamically adapted for your event.

hello one participants list


Individual correspondence by letter, e-mail, messenger systems or social media: Streamline the process by digitally merging online and offline registrations.


Define and prioritize your target groups, invitations as well as the corresponding areas and services at the event for automatic approvals and waiting lists.

Room/table plans

Some plans are created in the last seconds before an event. Therefore, our plans are as flexible as you need to be.

Security areas

Define groups of participants and assign them specific access rights. This way, your event guests will only stay in those zones for which they have access authorization.

Create an
event website

Event managers, designers and developers need user-friendly software to create an online contact point that makes it easy for guests to participate and for the event team to manage. hello one is both: an uncomplicated tool for creating representative, user-friendly event websites and a system that provides organizers and guests with all the important information. Two birds, one stone. Wham.

Easily create an event website


Create custom event landing pages and, upon request, even integrate them into existing company websites. Only need certain functions? Everything can be individually set up.


All things relevant at a glance – for you and your guests: Our manager and our guest app are optionally available as a native app, mobile app or in responsive web design.


The registration process can be adapted to each target group using different forms, prices and offers. Company-specific characteristics, cultural peculiarities and offline invitations are also taken into account.

Session booking

Single appointments, sessions, individual daily planning: Offer your guests flexibility with selectable appointments as well as easy booking, rebooking or cancellation.

Making an appointment

Invite specialists and offer your guests appointments with them. In our experience, this option is popular with customers and providers alike.

Welcome your

Events don’t just begin and end. There is so much more to them. After check-in, guests often have an agenda full of appointments or they arrange a meeting with specialists, their contacts or with other visitors. hello one has suitable solutions for all of these. Your guests will only notice that everything was really easy. You will notice that everything is possible.

Check-in has never been so easy


Register your guests electronically on site and equip them with QR codes or an RFID. With the manager app, you will then have everything and everyone in view. The manager app lets you then keep track of everything and everyone.

On-site coordination

Have everything under control with our on-site coordination: Manage your team on site with one touch and simply send important messages via push notification.

Print service on site

Tickets, entrance cards, name badges and photos of participants as well as lists and door labels: We enable you to print all relevant print material on site.


Not only visitors appreciate the absence of 'inspectors' – you also require less staff. Use these savings to offer your guests genuine added value.

Welcome desk

No ticket, wrong doorway, inconsistencies at the entrance? Subsequent bookings or changes? Our welcome desk knows the answer or will find a solution in your favor.

During the event,
everything is very easy

Before, during and after the event, hello one generates reports that are based on your event’s live data. This way, you can optimize your event in real time and quickly react to all current developments.

Real-time reporting

How many people are present and which VIPs are still missing? Are sessions or rooms overcrowded? This way, you always have all the data in your hands in real time.

Data service

Do you have to transfer the event data to another system? No problem. We’ll define the requirements together with you and then we’ll find a solution to prevent annoying manual labour.

Mobile working

Your pocket office. Our software works on the desktop, on a tablet or smartphone. Just as it’s supposed to be at an event.

After the event
is before the event

More than you can perceive yourself. Analyze in detail how your event was received by the guests. Which sessions did they leave early? What do the participants say? Where can you optimize further, and which topic is your target group on fire for? Find out!

After-sales solution

Evaluations, follow-ups and feedback are waiting for you after the event? No problem. hello one integrates everything you need for effective post-processing.


Use existing interfaces to your HR system or external providers. We can control everything that is able to accept data.